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The Van

Ice Cream & Scoops

Our Van

1966 Split Screen has been beautifully restored & customised

Meet "Sassy" our pride and joy, a 1966 split screen left hand drive camper van she came from Tallahassee in Florida so she's a lefty and has great bodywork!

With an original, fully working engine she may not be the fastest car on the track but will turn heads as the most stylish. People can't resist looking at her and taking a photo at her wheel. 

Her freezer and chiller compartments are from the world leading Ice Cream Van manufacturer Whitby Morrision. Whose vehicles have been providing ice cream to millions of people for over 55 years. So there is always plenty of ice cream to go around.


You will fall in love with ‘Vanlife’ if you hire our ‘Sassy’ as fellow owners from F1 racing drivers, Michelin star chefs and Hollywood actors who own vintage VW Split Screen camper vans will tell you!


We have a range of personalised packages for example you could have:

  • A choice of four Luxury ice cream flavours in additional to Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip (including a vegan, dairy free and allergy free flavour)

  • Waffle Cones, waffle edible tubs with sustainably sourced wooden spoons 

  • Personalised wafers, napkins and van signage

  • Self-serve sprinkles and sauces beautifully presented on a bistro table with parasol

  • Two uniformed staff serving for a minimum of 2 hours (not including set up)

  • Enough ice cream for the number of guests plus a little extra.

Health and Safety 

  • Our Sassy is a fully insured van in addition to business public liability insurance

  • All our staff are fully trained and have all the required food hygiene certificates.

  • DBS checked staff for safeguarding 

  • First aid trained member of staff including allergy and diabetes awareness

  • Registered with our local council.

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